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Introduction to Restaurant Deals Australia

What We’re All About is a popular Australian community of restaurant, hotel, pub, club, bar and cafe owners, online campaign managers and of course hundreds of thousands of hungry Australians searching for a great restaurant deal. It is one of the leading websites when it comes to amazing dining, beverage and meal deals.


Wining and dining comes down to getting an enjoyable experience from great food, great friends, and creating great memories. The main objective of RestaurantDeals Australia is to bring together all Australians to discover and share the joys of a meal well served at a great price.


How We Do It

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or simply a starter or entree you’re after, we help restaurant, hotel, pub, club, bar and cafe owners to bring their meal deals to each and every Australian, promoting their businesses and helping customers to know where to eat for cheap for great yet affordable meals.


With such a huge selection of restaurants, cuisines and options to try each and every day, the search for the best place to eat at a great price has never been easier. Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast or anywhere else across the country, RestaurantDeals Australia is the perfect place to discover a great deal on your next exciting meal.


Paper coupons can be a pain and with our website and smartphone apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android, finding the perfect daily deal when you're hungry at home or out and about is at your fingertips. Our apps are free to download and use, with deals available for use immediately, and it’s easy to share the great deals you find with your family and friends.


For restaurant owners and managers looking to share some mouth-watering deals with new and existing customers, we have everything you need.


Why We Do It

Finding your way around is easy, fun and is sure to make you hungry. Use the search function to find restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs, bars and cafes and filter the results by location, cuisine, popularity or venue name. Whether you know exactly where you want to go, or simply have a craving for a particular type of food, the easy to use search options will have you ready for your day or night out in only a matter of minutes!


It’s 100% free for restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs, bars and cafes to sign up and to add deals so why not get started today? The goal of RestaurantDeals Australia is to help restaurant, hotel, pub, club, bar and cafe owners and hungry yet cost-conscious diners to get the most out of our site. For restaurant, hotel, pub, club, bar and cafe owners - creating a profile and adding meal deals to your venue profile is super easy and we’re always on standby with our full services and support.

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