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Merchants FAQ's

What’s a "deal"?

A "deal" can be anything from a cheap menu item, to your most famous dish, or a happy hour special. At RestaurantDeals, we use the term "deal" to describe any offer

How many active deals can I run per giving day?

You can have up to 8 deals per day per venue distributed as 2 breakfast deals, 2 lunch deals, 2 dinner deals and, 2 happy hour deals.

How can I check how my deals are performing?

Impressions and clicks of your deals are reported live in your merchant area. Impressions figure is the number of people have seen your deal. The clicks figure is the number of people who clicked/tabbed your deal for more details.

How quickly do the deals update?

Instantly. Everytime the user starts up the app it downloads the latest live deals available in the area.

How do you charge?

We charge you a subscription fee. The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it gets! Try it now.

you can publish on our platform as a marketing tool to entice customers into your venue.

What type of deals should I post?

It is entirely up to you, from 2 for 1 meal to $10 steak. Just make sure your deals are desirable, transparent and inviting.

Is your service available FREE of charge to consumers?

Yes, it is. Our website and smartphone apps are available to customers Free of charge. Consumers can either use our website or the smarphone apps to search and locate deals around them.

Are you just another Group Buying Deals website?

No. In fact, RestaurantDeals offers a completely different alternative to the Group Buying Deals industry. We are different in many ways:

  • No tipping point for deals – Anyone who sees the deal can redeem it
  • No Hurdle – Customers don’t need to purchase or print anything through
  • Flexibility: Deals can be swapped or modified at any time depending on the level of success between offers.
  • Deals aren’t restricted to a 24 hour period, you can offer a deal forever
  • With our platform, you aren’t required to heavily discount the price of your product in order to attract customers. Just advertise offers you already sell!