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Want new customers?

Being a restaurant, cafe or bar owner can be hard work. As a venue owner, you are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business, adhering to safety regulations, keeping finances in check, managing staff and keeping customers are happy. For most venue owners, thinking of innovative ways to attract new customers is a difficult task to fit into a busy schedule.

At, we've done the hard work for you. Our platform enables you to market your latest and greatest deals on food or drinks to the customers who are looking for you.

So what's a "deal"?

A "deal" can be anything from a cheap menu item, to your most famous dish, or a happy hour special. At RestaurantDeals, we use the term "deal" to describe any offer you can publish on our platform as a marketing tool to entice customers into your venue.

iPhone and Android Apps

Our service is available to customers who use iPhone or Android Smartphones Free of charge.

If a potential customer is among the 65% of Australian consumers who own a smartphone with internet access, our mobile application provides the opportunity for the hungry consumer to search for good deals on food or drink and navigate to that venue. Location-based technology enables our app to show deals only to users in a specific location. The app automatically finds the user's location, and shows the customer deals in their surrounding area. The user can choose to search for deals in a different location if they are planning ahead for a future meal.

The hungry consumer simply needs to open the app to instantly see the deals in their immediate vicinity. Any person in the vicinity of your business who opens our app will immediately see up to 8 special deals offered at your venue, and users further away can find your deals if they choose to filter by price, time of day, or cuisine. For example, if your restaurant has a special offer of $10 steak at lunch time, users who search for either cheap deals or lunch time deals will be able to see your steak special, as well as those in the area immediately surrounding your venue. If you are offering italian style pasta at a discounted rate, any customer who searches for Italian cuisine will see your deal on a list of nearby Italian specials.

Since the deals find the customers who are looking for them, you can save time and money on expensive advertising and focus your time on managing your venue.

Merchant Area

RestaurantDeals has been built as a simple and easy to use online platform for both merchants and consumers. The platform includes a personalised merchant admin area for venues, who can measure the conversion rate of each deal and determine which deals are performing better than others. Profiles and deals are easy to create and manage, and changes to your deals take less than 2 minutes to appear in people's searches. This means that you can use the merchant area to update your deals as often as you like on a day to day basis, attracting customers based on different customer needs.

For example, a smart venue owner can offer deals for warm food on cold days, or cold food on warm days! In traditional advertising, such specials would be unbeknownst to customers unless they walk into the venue, but with RestaurantDeals, these deals would be pushed to the customers who need them most, no matter where they may be. Additionally, unlike old-fashioned flyers and posters, the effectiveness of posting your deals on RestaurantDeals is easily measured. Our merchant area enables venue owners to see exactly how many deals were viewed on a given day, so that you can swap and change your deals based on the offers which are more popular among your users.

What about Group Buying Deals?

RestaurantDeals offers a completely different alternative to the dodgy Group Buying Deals industry. Here are just some of the advantages of our model:

  • Cheaper to operate- Fixed cost no matter how many deals are redeemed.
  • No tipping point for deals - Anyone who sees the deal can redeem it
  • No Hurdle - Customers don't need to purchase or print anything through the app - they just need to visit your venue to redeem the deal!
  • Flexibility: Deals can be swapped or modified at any time depending on the level of success between offers.
  • Deals aren't restricted to a 24 hour period, you can offer a deal forever
  • With our platform, you aren't required to heavily discount the price of your product in order to attract customers. Just advertise offers you already sell!
  • Reputation: Clients of Group Buying websites are seen as desperate and this can negatively impact reputation. Restaurant Deals is just a direct advertising platform - you retain control of your reputation.

Mobile Advertising

According to Nielsen, 43% of Australians use smartphones on a daily basis, but there are barely any apps available for consumers who want to know about specials in a local area. A recent Mobile Marketing report by Borrell Associates found that the redemption rate of mobile coupons is up to 10 times greater than that of paper coupons, with Gartner research projecting that mobile advertising will double annually over the next two years. We are proud to be one the first mobile services in Australia specifically dedicated to meal deals.

A Helping Hand

RestaurantDeals Cares about the success of our clients. When ou post your deals and specials on our site, we'll include your deals in our weekly email newsletter, which is sent to a growing database of thousands of customers. We'll also publish your deals to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where online users can share them with their friends.

To help you get started, we offer training materials to new venue owners, as well as customer support tools and quick-response help services to answer any of your questions.

Restaurant Deals is 100% FREE for merchants.

For a limited time, Restaurant Deals is offering a 30 day Free Trial with no advanced payment, and no obligations.

All you need to do is visit our website, and click “Get started, 100% FREE” on the right hand side. Once you've created your account, fill in the required details about your restaurant such as your location and contact details. As soon as your venue is listed, you can start uploading your meal deals and become visible to customers immediately.

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